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Ross Swearingen,


The 2019-20 school year was a great year for our School District. As I look at what was accomplished, our students had many great achievements and provided us with some memorable performances. The results came in many different ways, but first and foremost they were based on learning. Athletic and musical performances were also among the highlights for the year. We were able to achieve the highest gains in the geographical area for English Language Arts and Mathematics as measured by the annual state assessments. We were able to win league in volleyball and girls basketball. Our teachers again won rotary award grants while our students won most of the Desert Heritage Awards. We had the highest number of graduates ever from the schools of the Helendale School District and our school Board recognized over 10% of our students with school and district level awards. HES and HSS were awarded silver PBIS awards for their focus on positive behaviors. Foundations related to the District donated over $15,000 to students for their accomplishments. The results don’t lie, our District is a destination if  you want to go somewhere that delivers the best education.  

We still continue to focus on our goal in the Helendale School District that allows all students to achieve their American Dream. My vision is to have every child who goes through our schools to be able to have the skills, knowledge, and ability to pursue whatever career that they would hope to achieve and to provide an even brighter future for their own kids than they have in front of them.

In Helendale the American Dream starts in Transitional Kindergarten with boys and girls learning not only the symbols that represent letters and numbers, but also the skills of getting along with others politely and positively.

As our kids travel through our grades they transition from learning to read to reading to learn. They apply the concepts of mathematics, the structures of writing, the information from reading, the opportunities from enrichment, and the social skills of respect, responsibility, and safety to become problem-solvers who can thrive in the real world.

When they complete their education in our district they will have been able to explore the possibilities of the world of work and have had the preparation to be able to choose what they would like to do with a plan to be a responsible and contributing adult in their contemporary world.

We promise to deliver this experience in the most engaging ways so that every student’s education is meaningful. By providing the foundations of education and the expansion of it, it is my hope that every child of the Helendale School District will be able to provide to their children an even better childhood than the one that they experienced. Therefore achieving The American Dream! If you want to be a part of the pursuit of a better life for your kids and your kids kids, then Helendale School District is the place for you. I invite you to come and give us a try and live out your American Dream.

Ross Swearingen, Superintendent