Board Goals & Policies

Board Goals

1.The District will ensure that its academic programs allow every child to reach their learning potential.

2. The District will remain a source of pride to the Helendale Community through its actions and its effective communication.

3. The District will always act in ways to maintain fiscal solvency in order to ensure the greatest learning opportunities for every child.

4. The District will build and maintain educational, extra-curricular, and athletic opportunities that enrich every student’s learning experiences.

5. The District will use technology as a tool to enhance and engage student learning.

6. The District will provide operationally effective support systems in order to provide the highest quality learning environment for all students.

7. The District will teach, encourage, and expect positive student behavior in a safe and orderly school environment promoting effective teaching and maximizing learning.

Board Statement of Purpose

The Governing Board of the Helendale School District is dedicated to providing an educational program of the highest possible quality for the children of this community in a safe, caring, supportive environment for all. We, of the Board, understand that the investment in our District and our youth is a commitment to the future of our nation and the world.

Helendale School District Board Policies